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You must watch this movie!


Nothing I can explain on this website will prepare you for the incredible story of The Funk Brothers.  You must rent or buy "Standing in the Shadows of Motown."  I saw it 15 times in the theater, and love the DVD too!

Pick up the soundtrack too!


It's not safe to drive around watching the DVD, so get yourself the soundtrack and crank it up in your car...Featured vocalists include Joan Osborne, Chaka Khan, Bootsie Collins, Meshell Ndegeocello, Ben Harper, and Gerald Levert.
You and I know, the real stars are the musicians...THE FUNK BROTHERS!

Keep The Funk Alive!

Leave this music where your kids can find it.  Don't push it on 'em, because kids always resist their parents reccomendations.  Just let 'em find it, They'll know how good it is with just one listen!  My son does, and he's just 10 years old!

Joe Hunter in a photo by Chip Somodevilla, DFP

Pretty much any 60's Motown recording you get is gonna feature these guys, so stock up on the great Motown records, put the speakers on the roof, and let 'em echo through the alley down below!!!